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Shawn’s Best of 2011

The other guys have the  music and film covered for the year 2011. Dan had an interesting idea of listing the best song for each month of 2011. James had a crazy extensive list for the music of 2011 and Colin gave you the best films of 2011 which listed Drive, my favorite film of […]

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Dan’s Best Songs of 2011 By Month

Instead of creating a conventional “Best of the Year” list for music in 2011, which Jim did so well on Tuesday, I’m taking a different route. I’ve heard more new music this year than at any point in my life, and I figured why not retrace those steps in chronological order, for a kind of […]

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BEST OF 2011

Jim’s Best Of 2011

Oh man, what a year it has been. I won’t keep you long, as I know you are very busy, but I just want to let a few things be known before you read ahead. Firstly, for songs of the year, I have a one song per artist rule, so deal with that. Also, I […]

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Colin’s Top Films of 2011

  I didn’t see nearly as many movies as I wanted to this year, and many of the ones I did see I didn’t like. So unfortunately this list is not at all inclusive or finished. I still have yet to see Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Shame, A Dangerous Method, Midnight in Paris, Ides of […]

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Mega Post: Christmas Time Is Here

Hey all, Merry Christmas! Yeah I said Christmas, not Happy Holidays, for two reasons: 1. the list below is mainly all Christmas-related things, and 2. We all celebrate Christmas so it makes sense (don’t worry about the whole “religious” aspect though, we’re all going to hell anyway, BRING SOME COOKIES). This time of year means […]

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