Six People From “Can’t Hardly Wait” Who Got Famous; One Who Didn’t

1998’s Can’t Hardly Wait, a teen movie about–what else–a big house party, has become a bit of a cult classic. Like any film with a large cast of young actors, there are a few people in the mix who were bound to be big stars one day. Some ended up on dead-end TV shows, some received tons of critical acclaim, and others are in high-Hollywood-demand; but they all started at that one party, the night after Huntington Hills High School graduation.

Peter Facinelli as Mike Dexter
Now more known as one of the creepy, pale, glittering vampires in the Twilgiht films, Peter Facinelli’s Mike Dexter, stands as one of the best film-jocks of all time. Football star? Check. Dating hottest girl in school? Check. Absolute moron? You bet. Delivering such amazing teen-film-bully lines as “I’ll kick everyone’s ass in this room!” and “College women. Women with no curfew, women on the pill, women… women, bro. We are staring into the future here. And the future is women.” Mike Dexter is a God, and don’t you ever forget it. Facinelli followed up Can’t Hardly Wait with the so very McG TV series “Fastlane” before landing his Twilight role years later. So he’s rich, married to Jennie Garth, and played Mike Dexter? Dude’s got it going on.

Seth Green as Kenny “Special K” Fisher
When Can’t Hardly Wait rolled around, Seth Green had already had roles in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, Austin Powers International Man of Mystery, and a career as a child actor. But his role as Kenny “Special K” Fisher stands out if not only for his ski-goggle-glasses on his head, but also for exhcnages like this:

Kenny Fisher: Yo, I gotta have sex tonight! I mean peep this – They say here ninety-two percent of the honeys at UCLA are sexually active. Ninety-two of the women in Los Angeles at UCLA walking around going, “Class… or sex? What shall I do?” Ninety-two percent, yo! Hey, you know what that means?
Ritchie Koolboy: What?
Kenny Fisher: It means I gots a ninety-two percent chance of embarrassing myself. I roll up on that shorty be like, “What’s up yo?” she be like, “You don’t know 20 different ways to make me call you Big Poppa” cuz I don’t yo.

And yes, his friend’s actual name in the movie is Ritchie Koolboy. Green went on to continue his roles with Buffy and Austin Powers before landing his longest role, Chris Griffin on “Family Guy.” He now writes, voices, and creates the underrated “Robot Chicken.”


Freddy Rodriguez as Jock #3
Freddy Rodriguez is not necessarily as famous as he seems. He just happens to be in a lot of films (16 acting credits in the last 5 years according to IMDB). His most well-known role came on HBO’s “Six Feet Under” which featured fellow Can’t Hardly Wait alumns Eric Balfour and Lauren Ambrose. Ridriguez’s role here as one of Mike Dexter’s sidekick-cronies is far from the smallest role by anyone on this list, but it isn’t career defining either.


Jaime Pressly as Girlfriend #1
Pressly has only a few credits pre-Can’t Hardly Wait (most of them being on the … ahem … sultry side). Her role here as Girlfriend #1 predates her biggest claim to fame, “My Name is Earl” by 7 years, though Pressly kept busy in-between (Tomcats, Not Another Teen Movie, and a guest role on Facinelli’s “Fastlane”).


Selma Blair as Girl Mike Hits on #1
(Her role is so minor I could find no picture of her from the film, so instead, there she is looking all kinds of attractive) Selma Blair has one line in Can’t Hardly Wait. She says, “Really? What’s that?” That’s it. She’s sitting on a swing-bench-thing in the yard of the party. Mike Dexter tries to hit on her and her friend. It fails. They exit. Enter Trip McNeely (the always semi-famous Jerry O’Connel). Since ’98, Blair has spent time bouncing around from Rom-Com to Rom-Com though she may be most recently known for her role in the Hellboy films.



Jason Segel as Watermelon Guy
In what is probably the biggest “WHAT THE SHIT?!” moment in re-watching Can’t Hardly Wait, Jason Segel plays “Watermelon Guy.” A man whose main purpose is helping describe Preston to Amanda, and to ask Amanda later (in an attempt of hitting on her) if she wants some watermelon. It was Segel’s first film role, and “Freaks and Geeks” would come a year later.



Not Famous: Ethan Embry as Preston Meyers
Oh Ethan Embry. For the longest time, it seemed like TV and movies were trying really hard to make you happen (a role currently held by Can’t Hardly Wait castmember Brecken Meyer). It’s not that you faded in obscurity, it’s that there were so many chances for you to stick around. And look, I like you, I really do, but it just didn’t pan out. But look on the brightside, you got to be in two bigtime cult films (Can’t Hardly Wait, Empire Records) and that’s certainly nothing to shake a stick at.

[note: None of the images are mine, I found them on Google image search … TECHNOLOGY!]

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3 Comments on “Six People From “Can’t Hardly Wait” Who Got Famous; One Who Didn’t”

  1. 06.30.11 at 6:34 PM #

    That is a fragrance of love scented candle, bitch. DAMN!

  2. winebibber
    06.30.11 at 7:17 PM #

    you forgot to mention ethan in sweet home alabama.

  3. jeff
    01.7.13 at 10:40 PM #

    I’m pretty sure changing Tatum was the guy coming out of the bathroom in a full leg cast….

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