Illustrators That Should Do Children’s Books

Le Ballon Rouge by Julian Callos

With the advent of the “Go The Fuck To Sleep” children’s book (listen to Samuel L. Jackson read it here), a new niche has opened up for NSFC (Not Safe For Church) kids books.

Keep in mind, regardless of the age of the illustrator, their rabid imaginations stem from their childhoods in different shaped trees. Maybe the artists imaginary life was filled with miniature scenes of ghoulish nightmares kept at bay by tiny, yellow squares of office paper like Don Kenns. Play-time could have been filled with invisible arrow riddled corpses on the playground, only seen by Julian Callos, or when the departure of a friend is handled by the ill-informed subconscious and interpreted as a drowned victim off the local dock.

Maybe these artists shouldn’t do children’s books.

Julian Callos

Don Kenn does all of his drawings on post-it notes.



Benjamin Lacombe


Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre

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