Top Vh1 Storytellers Episodes (2011)

The show

Vh1’s Storytellers has made a bit of a comeback in 2011. It’s always been around, meaning, from time-to-time, when MTV Networks felt obligated to show some form of “music programming” on Video Hits One. But what’s pretty cool is that respectable acts have made appearances on the program throughout the year. For those who’ve never seen the show, what essentially happens is Vh1 invites a group or artist, that are supporting a new record, and gives them a chance to play their music in an intimate setting. And in between their songs, artists have the chance to tell the tales of their songs. Hence, “Storytellers”. Vh1 plays Storytellers periodically, but usually without any promotion. I guess that’s a part of the mystique of the show. Your best bet is to catch the show on Palladia, which the 24/7 HD music channel that is dedicated to live performances. 2011 has been a great year for music, so here’s the Top 6 Storytellers of this year… so far. And one that absolutely sucked.

1. Kings of Leon

2. Cee-Lo Green

3. Death Cab for Cutie

4. My Morning Jacket

5. Ray LaMontagne

6. Maxwell (yes, Maxwell)

7. Christina Aguilera (Waste of time)

Check out all the videos on They are definitely worth watching; especially My Morning Jacket’s episode. Jim James’ story of “Dondante” is beautifully tragic.


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Author:Mike Pop

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