The Art of Dreaming in Photography

Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Heart

Death is inevitable in dreams. Not some true death that drops you in an endless coma, but the death of perceptions. Gravity becomes in an inconceivable calculation, falling becomes endless. Sinking becomes an upward lift. Dancing becomes something you can actually do effectively.

Even the loss of reality is an untrappable notion that you fight to hold onto it. But, the idea is like a sparrow that darts down the hall, the chimney and out of the spout. Down a wormhole. And back out your mouth. The only way to pull its parts into reality is to wrangle its tail feathers to the ground and tie it down with paper trails.

Handcrafted artwork, via stone, canvas, paper or computer, has been concocting dreamscapes for hundreds (thousands) of years. Photography is now diving headlong into surreal concepts with the Endless capabilities of lenses, computer manipulation and the photographers need to populate their own dreamings.

Geof Kern



Robert and Shana Parke­Har­ri­son

Robert and Shana Parke­Har­ri­son. They get two.

Philippe Ramette

Elena Kalis

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One Comment on “The Art of Dreaming in Photography”

  1. 07.11.11 at 7:24 PM #

    I adore these photographs. Thank you for sharing.


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