The Art of Creative Paper Usage

I have three paper based products on my desk right now:
1. Reporters pad that I stole from the office of a newspaper.
2. Pink post-it notes stolen from my roommate for story ideas.
3. The cardboard innards of a toilet paper roll. Possibly stolen.

I have creative ideas written down on all of these. Even the roll of toilet paper. I will not explain this to you. Still, I would not consider these creative uses of paper. They aren’t intricately folded into pretty animal shapes of rabbits, rhinoceroses or whatever the kids are in to these days and the “Artists Who Need to Get Laid” post-it has a gnarly fold in it that brings back horrid memories of helping my sister fold 500 origami cranes for her wedding. I did two.

My paper products aren’t arranged in a precise manner to form a cityscape – it looks more like the Leaning Tower of Pisa – or effectively cut into a portrait of my dead grandfather. No pretty things for my desk! This doesn’t mean that I am incapable of appreciating the prolific paper usage of others.

Listen and Carry On

Paper Ships by Dead Man’s Bones

Grégoire Guillemin: Paper Heroes

Calvin Nicholls: Hummingbird

Joe Bagley: Silhouette

Alexandra Zaharova & Ila Plotnikov: L’Officiel Dress

Julene Harrison: Intricate

FOAM: Dry the River Song Advertisement

Too Amazing For Words That Are Not These

Bonus Photo: My Temporary Desk


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