7 Tunes To Play During Stormy Weather

Storm's a-brewin'.

How’s the heatwave treating everybody in the States? Middle America is in the midst of a massive heatwave, and I know I’m feeling the effects of a hot summer here in New Jersey. In fact, fellow List Offer Jim Adair and I were in Sea Isle City, NJ (which pretty much is owned by Philadelphia, just saying) this past weekend, and we both got pretty bad sunburn. In fact, Jim may even have sun poisoning. Been there before, brother;  bubbling skin sucks like no tomorrow. With the blazing heat and obnoxious humidity, we could really use a day-long thunderstorm that rushes in a cold front/cooler weather. Look at what’s happening here, a post about weather; my college radio manager would be so pleased. So tonight, I may do a bit of a rain dance, and listen to these seven songs that are really chill to listen during a thunderstorm. Some are relaxing, some are violent; however you feel about thunderstorms, one or two of these songs may suit your emotions. Check ’em out; “fold your hands and pray for rain.”

1. Sonic Youth – “Rain on Tin” (Sounds just as delightful as… you guessed it.)

2. The Doors – “Riders on the Storm” (One of the final epics The Doors ever recorded.)

3. Bob Dylan – “Buckets of Rain” (Could’ve gone with “Shelter From The Storm” from the same album, Blood on the Tracks, but this works fine.)

4. School of Seven Bells – “Windstorm” (Sounds like they’re celebrating a natural disaster.)

5. Creedance Clearwater Revival – “Have You Ever Seen The Rain?” (Nothing like hearing this live from Mr. John Fogerty himself.)

6. R.E.M. – “7 Chinese Bros.” (In fact, pretty much all of Reckoning has to do with water, or floods, or storms.)

7. Peter Gabriel – “Red Rain” (When was the last time there was a record of acid rain precipitation?)

Sonic Youth – “Rain on Tin”


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Author:Mike Pop

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