Top 7 Amy Winehouse Tracks

Amy Winehouse, 1983-2011

By now, you must have heard the news. If not, you’re living under a rock. Amy Jade Winehouse entered the Forever 27 club this morning, as she passed away in her Camden, London home. Winehouse was notorious for having several drug and alcohol-related health issues, and the media’s begun pointing its finger at her demons for her “unexplained” death. This death, as disheartening as it is, is not incredibly shocking, and it had to have been the dope. Though she made headlines by her out of control behavior and tragic relapses, we should all remember that she was a gifted musician, and that was her claim to fame. She wrote and sang all her own songs, and she won several prestigious awards for her 2006 sophomore album Back to Black, an album flooded with imagery of a heartbroken, liquor-addicted diva’s trials and tribulations. Winehouse was actually on the verge of a comeback in recent months, until during one show in Belgrade, Serbia on June 18 when she was boo’ed offstage, and then she took time off to sort out her life. Old habits die hard. It’s shame when anybody young passes away. It’s a shame when that person could have really done something amazing with their talents after the initial boom. I think Winehouse could have done some really amazing work in the coming years. Her songs were soulful and raw, and from personal experiences. She lived her stereotype; died that way, too. Here are the top seven tracks of Winehouse’s career.

7. “Fuck Me Pumps”

6. “In My Bed”

5. “Rehab”

4. “You Sent My Flying”

3. “Just Friends”

2. “Back to Black”

1. “You Know I’m No Good”

“You Know I’m No Good”


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