The Gallows: An Introduction to The Builders & The Butchers

Was your shadow on fire on the night you burned and the ashes all filled with the lessons you learned. You tried to fly away on your burnin’ wings. You make your way across the desert for a sorry dream. Your daddy set fire to the Christmas tree, he’s a man with a funeral song to sing. The night ain’t filled with gentle things.

They left angels singing in branches of a burning tree, said it was all a game. And your daddy got bent and twisted in the bed that he made, you’ll end up the same. He went down in the sugar and the corn. He went down where the fire is born.

Old man livin’ on the cheap cigarettes, cherry pie and apple wine, he died in the house where his daddy died. The AM crackin’, the coming storms, the economy and crime. The grey brain matter swelled up tight, a free man’s doing time this time.

There’s no using the stairs tonight, black box will take you right through many floors down where the earth is fire and molten. And the bellman tips his hat, you’re trying not to notice that his tail is long, his legs are made of wood. And no one here knows your name and you won’t be coming home. You’re going down in a black elevator.

You hear the boxcar shake and you know how long it takes for the fruit to rot, it turned all black and rotten. And the years all bend together. And the gears all blend together. And the cables break, you’re sinking to the ground

And I know a better place, it’s so much further down.


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