Top 7 Non-Album Tycho Tracks


No, not Tycho Brahe, the famous 16th century Danish astronomer (whose studies managed to confuse me, and propel me into failing many a-quizzes in my college Astronomy course); but close! Here’s how. Scott Hansen (stage name Tycho) is a graphic designer and electronic musician based out of San Fransisco, CA, who has created some really underrated ambient gems over the past couple of years; and his music is very out there. A lot of his album artwork features planets and outer space objects. He’s very into nature; both Earthy nature like trees and plains and oceans, and space nature, like asteroids, galaxies, and black holes.

His music, to me, sounds like what space would sound like, if it actually had sound, and if you were on some form of a psychedelic. About six years or so, he released his debut album, Past is Prologue, a magnificent plethora of soundscapes, loops, and free-falling bliss. My Geology professor used to play the album, and setup some Google Earth pinpoint feature before class. The lights would be dim, and I would come early, listen to the music, and take a snooze. Relaxing times. Since then, he hasn’t put out a proper record. Womp, womp. But, there’s good news!  He’s readying a new one for the fall! It’ll be called Dive, and the tracklisting looks good; some oldies, some newbies. In honor of this great artist’s upcoming release, here’s the best tracks he’s put out that have not been put on any LP… yet.

7. “Dream As A Memory”

6. “Red Bridge”

5. “Adrift”

4. “Hours”

3. “Cascade”

2. “The Daydream”

1. “Coastal Brake”

Tycho – “Hours”

The new (and sophomore) album, Dive, is out November 15, 2011, via Ghostly International.



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Author:Mike Pop

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