Bands With the Color Black

"Look at me, I'm so dark and brooding."

To be in a band with the color (or shade, rather) black in the name, chances are you and your bandmates are pretty tough cookies. Being “black” is about living up to a bad-ass reputation, right? Black is rock and roll at its most bright; dark, deep, seductive, mysterious – all things that make rock music fun and interesting to listeners. After just recently finding, and soon after, obsessing, over the psychedelic Austin rock group The Black Angels, I thought to myself, “A lot of bands with “black” in the name are pretty heavy; I don’t really know any wussy, touchy-feeling bands that I respect with ‘black’ in the name.”

It got me thinking about a list: What black band is the coolest? Why are they so cool? (It can’t just because of the name, is it?) Well, I’ve done my research and listened to these bands over and over throughout the years. Some are favorites, some aren’t so much. But all things considered, these bands, though varying in style and performance, can get pretty heavy. They don’t take no shit, essentially. I, for one, would label most these bands “hard rock” (except for number 7, but they’re still relatively fun, without wanting to blow your brains out), and maybe you will think so, too.

7. Black Lips

6. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

5. Big Black

4. The Black Angels

3. The Black Keys

2. Black Flag

1. Black Sabbath

Honorable Mention: The Black Crowes, Black Dice, Butch Walker & The Black Widows, and Stephen Colbert & The Black Belles

Dishonorable Mention: Black Kids

Henry Rollins/Black Flag – “Rise Above”


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Author:Mike Pop

Rock & roll.

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