My Favorite Photos from the 2011 International Photography Awards (Non-Professional)

Entry Title: " Afghan Heroin: Not for Export"

The International Photography Awards (IPA) conducts an annual competition for professional, non- professional, and student photographers on a global scale, creating one of the most ambitious and comprehensive competitions in the photography world today.

Annually, the IPA invites creatives and photography experts to view, judge and select the most innovative photographs in this prestigious competition. The winners of the main categories compete for IPA’s top award of International Photographer of the Year. Those finalists will be invited to attend the Lucie Awards at the Lincoln Center, New York, where one photographer will be announced as the grand winner, earning the coveted Lucie Statue and a cash prize of $10,000 provided by AtEdge.

This time around I focused solely on the Non-Professional IPA Winners. There are some impressive pieces of work in this collection of photography, most notably in the categories for the various forms of portrait photography. I found myself more intrigued and visually aroused searching through these photos then I did with the professional pieces. It might be that the word professional brings with it an emotional sterility that maims the depths of photos or that the line of processional and non-professional is blurring away in the more accessible technology.

What do you guys think? Do you think the professional or non-professional photos are of higher quality, physical and emotional. Is there a reason behind it?

Check out my Professional Photography selections HERE.

Listen and Carry On

I Turn My Camera On by Spoon

Entry Title: ” Kitten and charaocal burner”
Name: Maciej Grzegorzek, Poland
Category: Non-Professional, Pets

Entry Title: ” Dream Realm”
Name: Hengki Lee, Indonesia
Category: Non-Professional, Digitally Enhanced

Entry Title: ” all is love”
Name: dingdong lee, Taiwan
Category: Non-Professional, Wedding

Entry Title: ” Our_Weaknesses”
Name: Leszek Paradowski, Poland
Category: Non-Professional, Self-Portrait

Entry Title: ” Isolation”
Name: Luke Smith, United Kingdom
Category: Non-Professional, Culture

Entry Title: ” Tales of Tolkien: Walking Ent”
Name: Alexander Kitsenko, Ukraine
Category: Non-Professional, Trees

Entry Title: ” Lola Angst”
Name: Chris Ruiz, Germany
Category: Non-Professional, Personality


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