Photos from the 2011 IPA

Entry Title: "Priests in Ethiopia"

The International Photography Awards (IPA) conducts an annual competition for professional, non- professional, and student photographers on a global scale, creating one of the most ambitious and comprehensive competitions in the photography world today.

Annually, the IPA invites creatives and photography experts to view, judge and select the most innovative photographs in this prestigious competition. The winners of the main categories compete for IPA’s top award of International Photographer of the Year.

For my final post on the International Photography Awards, I will be showcasing some of the left over selections from the Professional and Non-Professional categories. Here at List Off, we make out lists in sevens and sometimes we struggle with getting our lists down to that number. On the other hand, there are days when we are fighting to get up to that number because of the focus of our posts. In one case, I somehow missed the photo while I was doing my preliminary lists. It’s the second to last photo.

Check out my Professional Photography selections HERE.

Check out my Non-Professional Photography selections HERE

Listen and Carry On

Picture Book by The Kinks

Entry Title: “Lost in music”
Name: Sasa Huzjak, Slovenia
Category: Non-Professional, Music

Entry Title: “Lovelace Boudoir”
Name: Jordi Bourbaki, Spain
Category: Non-Professional, Other_AD

Entry Title: “Deep In A Dream – Central Park#1”
Name: Michael Massaia, United States
Category: Professional, Night Photography

Entry Title: “Mirrored Selves”
Name: Karen Grainger, United Kingdom
Category: Professional, Other_S

Entry Title: “Jeff Goldblum”
Name: Matt Carr, United States
Category: Professional, Portrait_P

Entry Title: “I Alone”
Name: Tim Wu, Taiwan
Category: Non-Professional, Landscape

Entry Title: “THEATER OF LIFE”
Name: Tomasz Lazar, Poland
Category: Non-Professional, Deeper Perspective


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2 Comments on “Photos from the 2011 IPA”

  1. Colin Holmes
    08.30.11 at 6:31 PM #

    The finger to the lip is Classic Goldblum.

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