Family Matters: Relations In Music

Brothers work together.

When working in a band together, people need to trust each other, and hopefully can be trusted back.

This can be made easier by sharing some DNA with other members (and sometimes harder: The Kinks, Oasis). My brother and I both started to play guitar at the same time, but I don’t think we could ever hit the road and be in a touring band together without beating the shit out of each other, fixing each other up, and then beating the shit out of each other again every day. But some bands really make it work.

Avoiding the obvious (The Avett Brothers, Tegan and Sara, Kings of Leon, etc.) here are 7 bands whose shared blood helps:

The National
Aaron Dessner (Guitar) and Bryce Dessner (Guitar) – Twin Brothers
Scott Devendorf (Bass) and Bryan Devendorf (Drums) – Brothers

The Breeders
Kim Deal (Guitar/Bass/Vocals) and Kelley Deal (Guitar/Vocals) – Sisters, and twins.

Arcade Fire
Win Butler (Guitar/Vocals/etc.) and Will Butler (Multi-instrumentalist) – Brothers

Taylor Goldsmith (Guitar/Vocals) and Griffin Goldsmith (Drums/Vocals) – Brothers

Jonny Greenwood (Guitar/etc.) and Colin Greenwood (Bass) – Brothers

The Cribs
Gary Jarman (Bass/Vocals), Ryan Jarman (Guitar/Vocals), and Ross Jarman (Drums) – Brothers

Chauntelle DuPree (Guitar), Sherri DuPree (Vocals/Guitar), Stacy DuPree (Keyboards/Vocals), and Weston DuPree (Drums) – Brothers and Sisters
Garron DuPree (Bass)- Cousin


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