Her?: Arrested Development’s 7 Best Side Characters

At this weekend’s New Yorker Festvial, it was announced that the amazingly underrated Arrested Development would be returning for one season on TV and then the oft-rumored film. After five years off the air, during which the show built upon its already cult-status, some of the more minor (non-Bluth) characters may have slipped from the casual fan’s mind. So here I present to you, Arrested Development‘s 7 best side characters:

Barry Zuckerkorn / Bob Loblaw

Played by: Henry Winkler / Scott Baio
Number of Episodes: 15 / 4

Henry Winkler’s horribly inept (and often skeevy) Bluth family attorney Barry Zuckerkorn often did his best to keep the family out of prison. He rarely succeeded. After two seasons, Zuckerkorn was replaced by Scott Baio’s Bob Loblaw, who skews younger with juries.

Gene Parmesan

Played by: Martin Mull
Number of Episodes: 1

Making his mark in only one episode is another horribly inept man in the employ of the Bluth family, Gene Parmesan. When trying to find George Sr. hiding out in Mexico, Gene spent more time popping up in silly costumes than actually looking for George Sr.

J. Walter Weatherman

Played by: Steve Ryan
Number of Episodes: 3

Though only seen in three episodes (and mentioned in a few more) J. Walter Weatherman vastly affected the way the Bluth family did things. Hired to help teach the kids lessons when they were younger by George Sr., and continually used throughout their adulthood, he is the reason you often see a note on the fridge as a reminder to get more milk.


Played by: Justin Lee
Number of Episodes: 11

Lucille’s adopted Korean son, Annyong (which is Korean for ‘Hello’) had minor screen-time in most episodes, and said usually very little. Annyong’s shining moment comes in the season 2 première when George Michael, who was set to play Uncle Sam in a school play, is leaving town. Annyong responds “I do it. I play Uncle Sam. Better than part I have now – guy who orders strike on Pearl Harbor.”

Steve Holt

Played by: Justin Grant Wade
Number of Episodes: 10

Gob’s illegitimate son and three-time high school senior, Steve Holt is most remembered for his trademark catchphrase, “STEVE HOLT!”

Ann Veal

Played by: Alessandra Torresani (1 Episode) / Mae Whitman
Number of Episodes: 13

As George Michael’s sometimes girlfriend, Ann (Her?) Veal barely registered in the mind of his dad Michael (except for that time that he almost did some stuff with Ann’s mom). Ann had one of the longer tenures on AD as a smaller character even though she disappeared for most of season 3.

Franklin Delano Bluth

Played by: Will Arnett’s Hand
Number of Episodes: 7

No character on Arrested Development deserved his own spin-off more than Franklin. Although he was just a puppet often controlled by Will Arnett’s Gob, Franklin often seemed to have a mind of his own. His appearance in upcoming AD media may be up in the air however, since many of the props from AD were sold off for charity on eBay after the show ended, and one of those props included Franklin’s wig.


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4 Comments on “Her?: Arrested Development’s 7 Best Side Characters”

  1. Colin Holmes
    10.4.11 at 8:08 PM #

    Franklin was probably my overall favorite character on Arrested Development. Also, my favorite Barry Zuckercorn moment: “How did I get poison oak?” cut to shady highway rest stop at night.

  2. 10.5.11 at 5:10 PM #

    Not gonna lie, when I’m older the only thing I’ll probably remember about Obama’s term will be Arrested Development coming back.

  3. 10.17.11 at 1:53 PM #

    My vote’s for J. Walter Weatherman. “And that’s why you always leave a note!”


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