The 7 Best Shows In The History of SNICK

Dan spent his post yesterday remembering the greatness that was TGIF (but no Teen Angel Dan? For shame). In the comments section, a certain female sibling of Dan’s, who shall go unnamed, said “There are two kinds of people in this world: TGIF people and SNICK people. And the TGIF people are better,” to which I respond: BALDERDASH!

Not only can you enjoy both SNICK and TGIF, it goes without saying that, without the ever-classic Boy Meets World, TGIF would’ve been just any other random collection of standard-fare sitcoms. Although those shows have become beloved due to nostalgia and Jaleel White, over on Nickeloden, the SNICK line-up was actually breaking (some) creative ground and setting (some) standards for television in years to come. So now, I present, the 7 best shows in the history of SNICK:

The Ren & Stimpy Show

Filled with vulgar references, crude animation, and insane storylines, The Ren & Stimpy Show could probably never exist as a children’s show today, although it’s at-times super-detailed animation can be seen in nearly every episode of Spongebob Squartepants. Plus, the simplicity of most of the humor allowed it to be appreciated by children at the time, and still be appreciated by their grown up counterparts. Just try singing “Happy Happy Joy Joy” and not getting it stuck in your head.

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

While Are You Afraid of the Dark? has the distinction of having the WORST ACTING OF ALL TIME filling most of the episodes, AYAOTD did what most children’s shows today are afraid to do: it honestly tried to scare the shit out of kids. It played to kids short attention span by using the anthology format to its advantage, keeping long-running storylines to a minimum. But oh man, was it excellent. The only thing worse than the acting may be the production value, but hey, that only lends to its appeal today.

All That

Speaking as one of the biggest cynics you’ll ever meet, I recently watched All That as part of The N’s 90’s block of Nick shows, and it is at times hilarious and at times awful. It seems like it could’ve been easy for the writers to make simply kiddie jokes, but chose to put that little bit extra in there to make it funny for the older viewers too. Characters like Repair Man and Pierre Escargot stand the test of time. And can you tell me any other kid’s show that had someone doing a Ross Perot impression? Didn’t think so.

The Adventures of Pete & Pete

Listen, I’m gonna make some bold claims here so pay attention. Not only is The Adventures of Pete & Pete one of the greatest children’s shows of all time, it is one of the greatest TV shows of all time. The show struck a chord with the children of the era and also the, uh, “hip crowd.” It boasted cameos from such icons as Michael Stipe, Steve Buscemi, Gordon Gano, Debbie Harry and many more. Add to that a great soundtrack supplied by the massively underrated Mark Mulcahy, and you have one of the greatest shows of all time. Period.

Kenan & Kel

Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell, despite being children, worked well as a comedic duo (so well, in fact, that Kenan has turned years of basically doing the same thing into a spot on SNL). Add to their pairing the fantastic Ken Foree as Kenan’s dad, and you have a formula so good that Nickelodeon flipped the races but kept most other things the same and had another success with Drake and Josh.


KaBlam! has the distinction of being the only animated sketch comedy show I can think of, which would already earn it a spot on this list. But only one of the recurring segments is needed to secure the spot here. In a world where absurdist humor runs things, Action League Now! could easily still come on today, and probably be even more successful than it was back then. Now, if anyone wants to team up with me to dress as them for Halloween, hit me up.

The Secret World Of Alex Mack

Look, The Secret World of Alex Mack was great, but I want to use this spot to praise all the other great SNICK shows that didn’t quite make the cut. Clarissa Explains It All makes it so Melissa Joan Hart made both the TGIF and SNICK lists, and The Journey of Allen Strange was great (he was an alien, and they told school officials he was from Jupiter, Florida … GET IT?!) but the final semi-secret praise goes to the oft-mocked and even more oft-forgotten Space Cases. I’ll just leave that there, and you can do what you will with it.


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6 Comments on “The 7 Best Shows In The History of SNICK”

  1. 10.14.11 at 9:42 PM #

    Love this post, definitely takes me back to my childhood. I must also add, Rocko’s Modern Life (my fav). Thoughts?

  2. 10.15.11 at 3:43 AM #

    I used to love All That! And even that other show on Nick, The Garcia brothers.
    Miss those!

  3. 10.15.11 at 2:35 PM #

    This list doesn’t appear to have any holes in it. Also, Ray from The Secret World of Alex Mack was such a noble friend.

  4. 10.15.11 at 11:32 PM #

    Are you kidding me? Alex Mack was garbage. I would have rather seen Cousin Skeeter in that spot.

  5. 10.19.11 at 4:16 PM #

    I miss these shows

  6. Liz Connolly
    10.21.11 at 8:39 AM #

    Your argument is well-founded (especially since I wanted to BE Alex Mack), and perhaps I was too bold in saying that TGIF people were “better” than SNICK people. No one is really better than anyone else–except the cast of Jersey Shore, I think we’re all better people than them.

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