7 Most Memorable Sports Press Conference Rants

If you’re an avid sports fan, this is one of the best times of the year. Football is in the thick of its season, the MLB playoff narrative is increasing, and the hockey and basketball seasons (woops!) have just commenced. All of the four major sports are conceivably playing at this juncture, and it makes for superb entertainment. Then again, if you don’t enjoy sports, then you probably couldn’t care less that the NBA is currently in a labor lockout, or that Aaron Rodgers is lighting up the NFL, or that the Texas Rangers are one victory away from winning their first ever World Series title. But, you should have a liking for superb entertainment. And sometimes, the best enjoyment comes on the heels of some one having a horrible day, or they’re just desperate to get a point across. For professional coaches and athletes, there is a microphone for that.

Derek Anderson—“It’s not funny. Nothing is funny to me.”


Last November, former Arizona Cardinals quarterback Derek Anderson was captured lightly chuckling by an ESPN camera. The Cardinals were down by 18 points, when a fat and jolly offensive lineman said something to Anderson, who was playing just as poor as his team that night. He laughed, because, well, that’s a natural human response when something is funny. Later, he yelled.

Herm Edwards—“Hello? You play to win the game.”


Early in the 2002 football season, the New York Jets were reeling. They had just come off of their fifth loss in six games when Herm Edwards stepped to the podium and stated the universally comprehended obvious: A Professional team plays a sport to win. After the press conference, Edwards and the Jets won five of their next 6 games, and rallied to make it to the second round of the playoffs. Herm Edwards now works for ESPN. Professional teams are still playing to win.

Jim Mora—“Playoffs? Playoffs?”


Jim Mora led the 2001 Indianapolis Colts to a respectable 4-3 record to start the season. Then, in the middle contest of a five game losing streak, the 49ers put up a 40-spot on the Colts’ home turf. After the game, Mora went on a slight tirade. Then, a reporter asked about the Colts making the playoffs. They ended up 6-10, and that was Mora’s last coaching job. In the following season, Tony Dungy replaced Mora and Peyton Manning set the field ablaze. All the duo did was win.

Dennis Green—“They are who we thought they were!”


In a nationally televised Monday Night Football game, The 2006 Arizona Cardinals were beating the Chicago Bears 23-3 with a little over 16 minutes to play in the game. The game was over. And then it wasn’t. The Cardinals suddenly couldn’t move the ball. When they tried to move the ball in the third and fourth quarters, quarterback Matt Leinart and running back Edgerrin James fumbled, and the Bears scored on both plays. With just over three minutes to play, and Arizona clinging to a 23-17 lead, they got the ball back, but were forced to punt…to the greatest punt returner in NFL history. Devin Hester promptly returned it 83 yards for a touchdown. The Cardinals lost 24-23. The Bears quarterback, Rex Grossman, completed 38 percent of his passes, threw four interceptions, lost two fumbles…and won. Cardinals coach, Dennis Green, was adamant his team didn’t take the Bears lightly. He didn’t take the media lightly, either.

Bob Knight—“Wait a minute. There is something forming here. It says…”


Bob Knight ranks as one of the greatest college basketball coaches in the history of the sport. His 902 Division 1 wins are the most all time. He began as a head coach at Army and ended his career with Texas Tech. In between, he had a legendary run coaching the Hoosiers of Indiana University, winning three NCAA Championships and 11 conference championships. His winning ways were never questioned, and neither was his tendency to flip out. However, this clip is not a classic Bobby Knight tantrum, where he is seen slapping his owner player or throwing a chair 50 feet across the court in rage. No, this is just Knight’s comical bit on predicting a players future.

Allen Iverson—“Not the game. We talkin’ about practice, man.”


If you’ve seen this a dozen times, well, I don’t apologize. It’s more of a reminder of how much, I think, the once NBA MVP, Allen Iverson, is missed by the fans and the league. He was a special breed, being a relatively small and incessantly gritty player who possessed a crossover so good, even this guy fell for it. He also talked openly—and whether it was on the floor or in a press conference, you knew how Iverson felt. In a current locked out league of players with mechanical answers, there was once a time of candor. For instance, when The Answer gave THE answer.

Mike Gundy—“Come after me! I’m a man! I’m forty!”


In 2007, After his Oklahoma State Cowboys defeated the Texas Tech Red Raiders, Mike Gundy did something most coaches who immediately come off a win do not do: Go crazy. Instead of answering reporter’s questions, Gundy held a lecture…for the reporters. The only pertinent information needed is that a columnist of The Oklahoman wrote an article explaining why the team benched their first-string quarterback, Bobby Reid, citing an attitude problem. So, after the team’s victory under their new quarterback, Gundy stood before the media and shared a life lesson with some dialogue that may never be touched. He received a round of applause.

Four years later, Gundy still celebrates that day.


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One Comment on “7 Most Memorable Sports Press Conference Rants”

  1. 10.27.11 at 1:19 PM #

    Awesome post…I remember all of these and they make me laugh every time….Mike Gundy’s rant is by far the best.

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