Shawn’s Most Awaited Graphic Novels of 2012

Jim covered the music he wants to hear in 2012. Colin showcased the movies that have him salivating. I’m here to detail the Graphic Novels that are giving me hard-ons of anticipation.

There are plenty more that could be on this list, mostly consisting of compilation books of story archs such as Marvels’ Fear Itself, X-Men: Schism, Dark Reign and DC’s Brightest Day & Final Crisis.

The list of possibilities doesn’t include the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Yes, to no one’s surprise, they are releasing each movie as a graphic novel. The first one comes out this year and I will be no where near it. Unless they decide to draw the main character as Danie Craig. My eyes will be all over that.

In the meantime enjoy my list!

The Underwater Welder

Pressure. As an underwater welder on an oilrig off the coast of Nova Scotia, Jack Joseph is used to the immense pressures of deep-sea work. Nothing, however, could prepare him for the pressures of impending fatherhood. As Jack dives deeper and deeper, he seems to pull further and further away from his young wife, and their unborn son. But then, something happens deep on the ocean floor. Jack has a strange and mind-bending encounter that will change the course of his life forever. Equal parts blue-collar character study and mind-bending science fiction epic.


Lovers of art comics know Hans Rickheit from his smashing graphic novel The Squirrel Machine (2008), but Rickheit has, for over a decade, been producing his own self-published comics — reaching into the deepest cupboards of the back-mind and culling these strange artifacts. He has been a basement-dweller, gallery troll, and a purveyor of forbidden notions. Originally distributed into the world as Xeroxed pamphlets, these “underground comix” reflect the true nature of its nomenclature: Here are the archeological findings of the subterranean ruins of the psyche.

Finally, these scattered elements have been compiled into a compact, lushly illustrated bedside reader. Give your cerebellum a tug and become a spelunker of the subconscious as we trespass among the scorched archaic wastelands of the offspring of apes and fools. Here we find the profane, beautiful progeny of prurient ideals. Immerse yourself in the nocturnal meanderings of unnamed protagonists. Ponder the uncomfortable sexuality of the twins, Cochlea & Eustachia. Recoil at the doings of a dwarfish malefactor in “Hail Jeffrey,” or simply stare at the pretty pictures.

Blankets (Hardcover Re-Release)

Wrapped in the landscape of a blustery Wisconsin winter, Blankets explores the sibling rivalry of two brothers growing up in the isolated country, and the budding romance of two coming-of-age lovers. A tale of security, tragedy, of a fall from grace and the origins of faith.

Dark Tower: The Gunslinger: The Battle of Tull

In a saloon in the town of Tull, the last gunslinger is approached by a bizarre figure that has a message for him. The essage is terrifying. What’s worse, it is delivered by a dead man named Nort whose corpse was animated to serve this very purpose. And that is only the beginning of the horrors awaiting the gunslinger in this strange place deep within Mid-World. We continue Roland Deschain’s quest for the Man in Black that has become his obsession.

Batman: Earth One

The DC: Earth One series depicts original stories focused on DC Comics characters during their first years and earliest moments, retold in standalone, original graphic novel format. The titles are set in a new continuity on a new Earth, and each title is created by renowned writers and artists.

This graphic novel is intended to retell the story of Batman’s origins for new fans, updating his background into a modern setting. Few details have been released on this project other than the story plans to show how Bruce Wayne evolved into the Dark Night. The story is the follow-up to bestseller Superman: Earth One.

The Stand: The Night Has Come

This collection combines all six story arcs of the original series that re-imagined Stephen King’s post-apocalyptic tale, depicting how various people survive a zombie-type virus that has infected an estimated 99.4 percent of the world’s population. Intertwining religion and near annihilation of the human race by a virus, this novel is a great reworking of the classic tale for fans who are more visually inclined.


Collecting a cult favorite series from the late 1990s spotlighting the amazing artwork of J.H. Williams III, CHASE stars Agent Cameron Chase. On field assignment for the Department of Extranormal Operations, a government agency with jurisdiction over superhuman activity, she’s looking for a missing boy whose pyrokinetic powers went wild in an Ohio school. But she’s about to encounter some unexpected surprises, as her own mysterious powers come into play – powers she doesn’t fully understand.

This spectacular collection includes appearances by many DC heroes, including Batman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Martian Manhunter, The Suicide Squad, Teen Titans, the Justice Society of America and more.


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One Comment on “Shawn’s Most Awaited Graphic Novels of 2012”

  1. 01.15.12 at 10:14 PM #

    Ive read Blankets and it was very good. Material I never thought would be discussed in graphic format is. Also, Im stoked for the batman graphic novel. I neverread the Dark Tower series though I Kept meaning to. Maybe Ill pick up the graphic novel.

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