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Colin’s Netflix Picks

  Yesterday Jim brought you his Seven Hidden Gems on Netflix Instant so today I come back at you with seven picks of my own. I tried to dig deep and scrounge up a selection of films (and like Jim one TV show) that you might have bypassed while perusing and filling up your instant […]

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Jim’s 7 Hidden Gems On Netflix Instant

For anyone out there who is a Netflix instant customer, you know it can be very easy to get lost in the shuffle of absolute shit that permeates the marketplace on our beloved streaming service. After all, how exactly are we supposed to use both the user rating for the film and what Netflix thinks […]

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7 Best Impersonations From Last Week’s SNL

What makes┬áSaturday Night Live so enjoyable are those moments of complete unpredictability–the times when there is a skit so ridiculous that it immediately becomes a “you HAVE got to watch this!” talking point for the next week. In this season (the show’s 37th) of SNL, there have be plenty of those moments (See: The entire […]

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Monsters in Photography

The Art of Monsters (In Real Life)

I saw monsters when I was a kid. I hope everyone else did. At some point in my life, the part of my brain that let me physically interact with my imagination ran away. It might have burrowed deep somewhere to escape the structured realities that I had to live by to be a successful […]

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7 Essential TV Show Hangouts

The hangout. It’s the celebrated stage where characters go to do any number of things. Purchase food, watch a game, drink forcefully, seek a new love, and dump a lingering one all come to mind regarding such public locations. Sometimes, TV show hangouts are for nothing more than to divulge the day’s frustrations or revelations, […]

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