The Art of Blood

Carly Menasco

Where there’s blood, there’s a story. Unfortunately, in modern times these stories tend to involve vampires. That’s a shame considering the amount of raw and bloody art that goes unappreciated. When I say appreciated, I don’t mean jacked off to by people with blood fetishes. I mean the art hasn’t been obliged by a thought process asking how the piece of work came to be.

Did the artist or photographer see something like this in his life. Did it happen to him? What happened to the illustrated character before its moment was captured with a pencil? Was it a barbarous fist fight that saw hospitalization or a murder? Or did someone take a cue from the insanity that is Chuck Palahniuk’s mind  and mimic one of the self-inflicting rituals found in his books.

Where there’s a story, there’s art. Now, take some time to appreciate the brutal clarity that blood brings to the picture.


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Categories: Art, People

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