Dan’s Favorite Album Covers

As the CD’s physical charm progressively wanes into the outdated abyss, and gives away to streaming, pirating, and digital downloading, the allure of album art will, in all likelihood, do the same. But I believe the album cover to be a vital part of the listening process. It’s the invitation into the creative mind of the artist(s), before you’ve even heard them sing or play an instrument. The illustration, snapshot, and overall design can elicit various emotions the consumer can connect with, and provide an aesthetic insight to the album’s context. I hope we as the listeners can sustain the artistic appreciation of the album cover, even if the album is on our screen instead of in our hands.

These are the covers that have always provoked thoughts and memories. I picture most, if not all, on my walls one day.

Our Endless Numbered Days (Iron and Wine)

The College Dropout (Kanye West)

Both Sides Now (Joni Mitchell)

All We Grow (S. Carey)

Sad Clown Bad Summer (Atmosphere)

The Heart of Saturday Night (Tom Waits)

Stay What You Are (Saves the Day)


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3 Comments on “Dan’s Favorite Album Covers”

  1. 03.22.12 at 7:26 PM #

    I love the Tom Waits cover.

  2. 03.22.12 at 8:25 PM #

    I do miss the album covers.

  3. 03.22.12 at 9:29 PM #

    A lost art!

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