7 Notable Things About I Melt With You

We all talk about how we haven’t seen a good movie in awhile. Nothing is satisfying anymore. It has all been done. Cinema is dead. And then like a kick to the ass, you see one that reminds you; there is still hope for the art. They just nail it, all of it. A movie that gave me similar chills was Director Nicolas Winding Refn’s Oscar robbed Drive, or another Ryan Gosling movie, Lars and the Real Girl.

So what was it that made I Melt With You awesome? Why should you see it?

1. Sasha Grey Is In It.

Any sexually sound heterosexual male who doesn’t know crap about movies or what it really takes to make a good one, still appreciated The Black Swan. That movie had something in it for every member of the family. It had the Mila Kunis/Natalie Portman sex extravaganza for the dads and the Mila Kunis/Natalie Portman sex extravaganza for the moms. And who could forget the best part of the movie for the kids when there was that Mila Kunis/Natalie Portman sex extravaganza?

Sasha Grey is a do it all and them some sort of porn star if you know what I mean. She made her debut acting career on her feet and not her knees in The Girlfriend Experience. Since then her loins have ached for something new, to be a real boy, and make money with her clothes on. Fortunately that slips her mind in this film. It’s pretty cool.

2. Jeremy Piven Being High.

Let Smoking Aces be where I stand in mentioning that when need be, Jeremy Piven pulls off doing drugs well. That’s what his character did in that movie. But he didn’t look at all as trashed or sad in that, even by the end, as he does in I Melt With You. Being the under rated actor I consider him to be, I should mention his other role that is weirdly similar to I Melt With You. Everyone forgot about the morbid dark comedy of 1998, Very Bad Things. Like this movie and The Hangover, a bunch of friends get together, get high, and shit get shitty. Jeremy Piven is high in both roles like a champ, being sad and dealing with death.

3. The Colors.

12 Angry Men started with a wide shot and space but the longer they spent in the room and the closer to the end of the film the cameras closed in. I Melt With You did the same thing. To say this movie started out happy as the deep saturated colors suggest, would be foolish. But as the movie slipped further into despair, all color disappeared.

The opening shot fades in and tilts down on Thomas Jane in a classroom lecturing. Three students to the right of the glass are wearing equally pungent colors. The second half of the movie appears to be a world drained of all color. Reflecting every emotion the characters are feeling.

4. The Symbolism and Beauty in the Cut Aways.

Not nearly as drastic as Tree of Life but this movie made a point to cut away to different objects or monuments of beauty to either reflect emotion of a scene’s greater point or to act as foreshadowing. These pieces as well as the Mise en scène capture you as the audience. To go into greater detail would spoil the movie. But what I will say is that the character’s lives are unfolding in a beautiful place, the mundane object around their place are each shot so well, they should be placed on a canvas and lastly the balloon shots in this movie speak for miles.

5. The Music & Sound.

Every song that plays is relevant. Subtle background sounds consume the setting and create the perfect vibe for this movie. The soundtrack is worth at least downloading. The movie opens with a series words flashing. The sound pulsating in the background along with the meaning behind each of these words, put the audience in the best state of mind to watch this film.

01. All Going Out Together – Big Dipper
02. Blue Thunder – Galaxie 500
03. Skyscraper – Julian Plenti
04. Hey Man, Nice Shot – Filter
05. Maggot Brain – Funkadelic
06. Do The Dog – The Specials
07. Just Like Honey – The Jesus and Mary Chain
08. Kundalini Express – Love And Rockets
09. Caribou – The Pixies
10. All We Ever Wanted Was Everything – Bauhaus
11. I Melt With You 2011 – Modern English
12. Dog Eat Dog – Adam and the Ants
13. The Lawn – Deep Six
14. Here – tomandandy

6. The First and Last Lines of the Movie.

What better way to complement Thomas Jane then by showing a screen shot of him coked out driving fast? I could have showed a shot from him in Mortal Kombat, which he wasn’t in. The beginning of the movie he states to his class “Words are tools. You use the words to create. To create. But that doesn’t necessarily mean to build. It means sometimes we use words to chip away at ourselves.” Foreshadowing. At the end of the movie he simply states, “I miss my friends”. And then he… The dialogue in this movie is well written and heavy. Each character is portrayed perfectly.

 7. Your Dick, It Will Shit.

As adult film physically excite you, Saw movies make you want to vomit, or Lord of the Rings movies put you to sleep, this movie will make you want to die. Here are four tortured souls, watch as they self-destruct. Did you enjoy your college years? Are you happy with who you are or where you are going? Not any more. Anything you have ever been sad about will come up while watching this movie. Each character represents at least one major heartache each of us has experienced at least once. Love. Lack of. Career failure. Money. Family. Regret. Aging. Lets hope our lives don’t turn out the way theirs does.


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5 Comments on “7 Notable Things About I Melt With You”

  1. 03.29.12 at 6:54 AM #

    Just the song alone makes me want to go see it. One of my favorite songs growing up and listening to on my Walkman!

  2. 03.29.12 at 11:22 AM #

    Thomas Jane wasn’t in Mortal Kombat. Are you thinking of Raiden? That was Christopher Lambert and James Remar.

    • tylerkulp
      03.29.12 at 11:43 AM #

      I have always confused Lambert and Jane. Fixed it. Thanks

  3. 03.29.12 at 11:49 AM #

    How many times do you think Tom Jane was the Highlander for Halloween as a kid

    • 03.29.12 at 1:32 PM #

      We need to find a way to interview him and ask him that question

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