Bruce Poll: The Women of Bruce Springsteen

I know, I know. Another post about that guy Bruce Springsteen again. See, I am seeing that guy in concert tomorrow night, and I make a point to immerse myself into his catalog about a week before he hits the stage with the E Street Band. So, for List Off, I just couldn’t help myself. But this post is an interactive poll, which means you can join in. And I sure hope you do.

Springsteen has incorporated female characters to his songwriting ever since his debut album in 1973, when we were first introduced to Mary. At that time, she was the Queen of Arkansas, but has really evolved into his most beloved inamorata. Although he’s referenced Mary most frequently, the rest of his celebrated squeezes are just as significant. Below, these women (or men. There has long been contention that Terry from “Backstreets” is actually a male, which would make it the most heart-wrenching tale of a bromance in the history of bros or romance) make up Springsteen’s most storied lovers. So to make it irrefutable, based on the corresponding songs and their detailed, feminine lyrics, I pose this question:

Women who didn’t make the cut: Terry, Sherry, Maria, Kate, Crazy Janey, Gloria, Mary Lou, Cherry, Leah, the barefoot girl, Theresa, Doreen (Sorry, Pop), Fish Lady, and Dirty Annie.


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