Kick-Ass Vs. Special (RX)

What is so Special (RX) about Kick-Ass?

99% of all movies have the same plot line. It’s true. Somebody or something wants somebody or something. I challenge you to challenge me. So it is no secret that shit get regurgitated. Mmmmmmmm, my mouth waters thinking about that. In 2006, Michael Rapaport stared in a movie known as Special. In 2008 Marvel Comics released the Kick-Ass comic series and eventually in 2010 the masses were introduced to the film adaptation. Now I never read the comics and probably never will, but all that is mentioned about Kick-Ass is solely based on the movie.

1. Life Sucks. Comics are Cool Though. Am I Right Guys?

Chew it over and spit it out, both of these dudes are the same dudes. Aside from a few cameos, who the hell is Aaron Johnson? I’m sure his career will pick up and we’ll all say “Oh, it’s that dude from Kick-Ass”. Just like when the Woman in Black came out and we found out that Harry Potter was the main character. Michael Rapaport on the other hand is a huge star, not really though… He has done some voice overs for video games and is sort of well known.

Rapaport was along side Tom Jane in Deep Blue Sea. Mmmmmm Tom Jane. My mouth waters thinking about him. Each character in their respective roles of point, both love comics so they become real life superheroes, based on influence and misfortune in their lives. One’s origin is a single meter maid who has it rough and is depressed with his life; overall a defeated ordinary older man. The other is a teenage boy with a dead mom who isn’t popular in school.

2. I Love a Man in Uniform.

I personally think the square on Kick-Ass’s face makes him look like a total wiener. There is no wiener on Special’s face however. Bad word play. When it comes down to it, I’ll let you decide which costume is cooler. Kick-Ass has nightsticks and eventually a jetpack. Special has a hood. Later in the future he does get a badass eyepiece though.

Rapaport’s suit looks way more resilient. I mean really, he gets hit by a car and shit. Yes, I know that scene has greater meaning than the badassary of his suit. Kick-Ass is more hero in that he conceals his identity well. Spcecial isn’t too concerned with that. He just wants to do good stuff! Kick-Ass thought about getting a cape, that’s just dumb. Special represents himself, the same way Batman or Spider-Man does. Johnson falls short. Ha, Johnson falls short. Penis innuendo.

3.What Really Matters: the Powers.

Although Special doesn’t really have any powers, he kicks Kick-Ass’s ass in this department. Kick-Ass can take a beating because he was hit by a car and didn’t get back up right away like Rapaport does when a car hits him. That’s the only power he has. Special, can do a whole bunch. He can fly, disappear, read minds, walk threw walls, float in air, and time travel.

4. The Dame.

Maybe it’s just me but other than these two movies, neither Lyndsy Fonseca of Kick-Ass or Alexandra Holden of Special are familiar faces. Both of these women are sexable however, as all superhero dames are. But which one is more sexable? That’s the question. And by sexable I mean good actress, role suiting, and plot importance of course. They both serve their curve in each movie, one gets kidnapped, and the other rings out groceries. One gets sexed, the other gets robbed. Both are moral support for the hero.

5. The Baddies.

The tangled interrelation of the villains to Kick-Ass’s allies is smart and intriguing. All of it boils down to father issues, mother issues, and broken families. Red Mist is a product of his father. Kick-Ass is a product of his imagination. Not to say that Hit-Girl is a villain but, she is the product of her father. What I like about Special is that both the hero and the villains are the product of the same thing. A dream.

6. To Friend an Ally

So every hero needs a confidant. Kick-Ass chooses not to go by this route but he keeps his friends close. He spends much of his non hero time with them talking about things relevant to his alter ego to pool information about things he cares about regarding Kick-Ass and his love life. Special on the other hand, who also keeps around two friends, shares his alter identity. Kick-Ass spends time around the kid from Sex Drive, Clark Duke, who has an awesome name. While Josh Peck hangs out Rapaport. If you see this movie, you get to watch Peck make a hysterical sad face. It’s priceless.

7. Comics and Comics

In both cases, people influenced by the glory of comics wrote these stories. The fantasy of turning your life around in an instant as if the lottery was won serves as the same theme. Both characters see the misery that life can be. Both make separate attempts at what they view as their calling.


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