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Art Head

The Art of the Head

The top of the head is the home of the Crown Chakra in Eastern religions. This chakra as a tool or gateway that lets us communicate with our spiritual nature and the spiritual realms. It is through this vortice that the life force is dispersed from the universe into the other chakras. It has been […]

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Book Craft

The Arts & Crafts of Books

Books have been an inspiration to the masses since the dawn of…books, and it’s no surprise that these inspired people would eventually come back and show their appreciation by slicing their creative thoughts into the pages and bindings. The knife work is meticulous. These artists will set aside days, weeks and months to create ideas […]

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The Best Live Nine Inch Nails Songs

If you have been following this site from the beginning you may have noticed the amount of content that dedicates and mentions Bruce Springsteen. Take a look at every mention of Bruce Springsteen my co-writers have put on the site: Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, and Here. You could almost conclude that this […]

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7 Commandments of Concert Etiquette

These commandments have existed for eons. Every generation must be taught (sometimes again and again) the etiquette’s required of a concert goer. Even some of the older generations get lost on the path and must be reminded on how to keep themselves in check. Most of these are rules to live by but some of […]

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7 Types of People You’ll Find in the Pit

I decided to make a list of the types (roles) of people found inside your average indie/alternative/rock pit. I have no experience with country, pop, disco or rave general admission pits. You’ll have to look elsewhere for those stereotypes. The Drunk You know this fucker. Their armpits and sweat will get obnoxiously close to your […]

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