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7 Commandments of Concert Etiquette

These commandments have existed for eons. Every generation must be taught (sometimes again and again) the etiquette’s required of a concert goer. Even some of the older generations get lost on the path and must be reminded on how to keep themselves in check. Most of these are rules to live by but some of […]

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7 Ways You Know You Have Grown Up

Struggles in life and the choices you make all bring you to the same screwed up place as everyone else. The scenery is just a little different on the trip there. But during these trials and tribulations there is a point when you realize you’ve entered into a domain that few have visited, but rarely […]

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7 Types of People You’ll Find in the Pit

I decided to make a list of the types (roles) of people found inside your average indie/alternative/rock pit. I have no experience with country, pop, disco or rave general admission pits. You’ll have to look elsewhere for those stereotypes. The Drunk You know this fucker. Their armpits and sweat will get obnoxiously close to your […]

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7 (Humorously Written) Ways to Get Over a Break-Up

Neil Sedaka had it right and no one listened. But who cares. This isn’t Remaining Men Together. I’m not here to talk about your problems with you. What you need to do is get back on track. Turn your life around. Start getting your head on straight. So you see, there is light at the […]

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Carly Menasco

The Art of Blood

Where there’s blood, there’s a story. Unfortunately, in modern times these stories tend to involve vampires. That’s a shame considering the amount of raw and bloody art that goes unappreciated. When I say appreciated, I don’t mean jacked off to by people with blood fetishes. I mean the art hasn’t been obliged by a thought […]

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