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Art Head

The Art of the Head

The top of the head is the home of the Crown Chakra in Eastern religions. This chakra as a tool or gateway that lets us communicate with our spiritual nature and the spiritual realms. It is through this vortice that the life force is dispersed from the universe into the other chakras. It has been […]

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Book Craft

The Arts & Crafts of Books

Books have been an inspiration to the masses since the dawn of…books, and it’s no surprise that these inspired people would eventually come back and show their appreciation by slicing their creative thoughts into the pages and bindings. The knife work is meticulous. These artists will set aside days, weeks and months to create ideas […]

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Monsters in Photography

The Art of Monsters (In Real Life)

I saw monsters when I was a kid. I hope everyone else did. At some point in my life, the part of my brain that let me physically interact with my imagination ran away. It might have burrowed deep somewhere to escape the structured realities that I had to live by to be a successful […]

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Carly Menasco

The Art of Blood

Where there’s blood, there’s a story. Unfortunately, in modern times these stories tend to involve vampires. That’s a shame considering the amount of raw and bloody art that goes unappreciated. When I say appreciated, I don’t mean jacked off to by people with blood fetishes. I mean the art hasn’t been obliged by a thought […]

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Alexander Wells

The Art of the Cigarette

Smoking has always been associated with the darker, enticing streets of life. The parts of the street that want you to simultaneously and willingly put your health in danger and not give a shit about it. With red light districts that show off the fallen and reluctant heroes from the Noir and Western eras: the […]

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