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Game of Thrones Ssn 2 Characters I Can’t Wait To See

  Have you not seen season one of Game of Thrones (or read the book yet)? If not: stop being a piece of shit and get on it! And don’t give me that “I don’t like fantasy so I’m going to be obstinate and not watch it.” I typically HATE fantasy stories and all things […]

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Spoken Word: The I’m in Love Edition

Courtesy of the great HBO series Def Poetry Jam, I’ve returned to the spoken word platform to capture poets reciting personal encounters on the most intimate of subjects. Particular men and women put the pen to paper in an attempt to symbolize their love for their counterpart, or recreate an episode which evoked such sentiments. […]

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Reasons to Fall in Love w/ Slam Poet Rives

John Rives is a world of talent. He’s a teacher of media, a political commentator, an author of pop-up books, a paper engineer, and a former television co-host (Bravo’s Ironic Iconic America). And all of these credentials come second to being on of the best slam poets in the world. Rives was the 2004 National […]

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