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7 Things I Enjoy That I Probably Shouldn’t

Last week, Jim posted quite a stirring piece on popular and well-respected films/albums/television programs he couldn’t care less about. He fully disclosed the reasonings for his indifferences, and I commend him and his well-groomed beard for being so bold and courageous. He really put himself and his integrity as a pop culture connoisseur on full […]

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Spoken Word: The Hip-Hop Edition

There is much to question regarding the current state of mainstream hip-hop, minus a few, fresh glimmers of hope (ahem J. Cole). For the most part, it’s become monotonous, overproduced, and lacking comprehensive, lyrical depth. But when a rapper is removed from his clichéd natural habitat (on top of a saturated beat, their mansion in […]

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Big Ideas: Seven Great Radiohead Covers

As one of the most innovative popular bands in recent years, Radiohead has become highly respected and admired by not only fans, but musicians as well. With that territory, comes tons of very talented bands taking their stabs at Radiohead songs, which is no easy task. Take a look around YouTube and you’ll find dozens […]

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