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Jim’s 7 Most Anticipated Albums of 2012

First of all, Happy New Year. Secondly, allow me to say previewing albums, when I have absolutely no idea if I will like them or not is weird, but hey, what do you want from me? Also take this list as nowhere near definitive, as countless albums and bands I have never heard of will […]

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Fuck You And Fuck This Town: 7 Songs of Spite

It seems that love songs are always the most popular ones. They are full of honesty, emotion, and sincerity, but all of that stuff is lame. One could argue (and I will if you try me) that songs full of anger and hate, when done well, contain so much more feeling and emotion than even […]

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Top 7 Artists I’d like to See Morrissey Collaborate With

Here’s a bit of old news that you may or may not know: Steven Patrick Morrissey (also known as “The Moz”, “The Pope of Mope”, and “The Divine Mr. M.”) is one of, if not the, greatest voices in British indie rock. Since emerging from the murky, post-industrial UK city of Manchester in the early […]

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