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Songs That Will Get Me Where I Need To Be

  Nearly just one month ago I finally got around to finishing college and the act of graduating is all at once invigorating and utterly terrifying. I feel pretty good about finishing up my degrees and I’m definitely ready move on and do something new and different, but I’d be inhuman if I said I […]

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Bands That Made Good Albums After Losing Their Main Guy

Every ship has a captain, that guy that tells everyone what to do, where to go and is ultimately responsible for everything. A band’s captain is their figurehead. It’s usually the lead guitarist, or the lead singer. Sometimes the figurehead and the main songwriter are one in the same and sometimes the position is shared […]

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7 Tunes To Play During Stormy Weather

How’s the heatwave treating everybody in the States? Middle America is in the midst of a massive heatwave, and I know I’m feeling the effects of a hot summer here in New Jersey. In fact, fellow List Offer Jim Adair and I were in Sea Isle City, NJ (which pretty much is owned by Philadelphia, […]

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