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The Best Live Nine Inch Nails Songs

If you have been following this site from the beginning you may have noticed the amount of content that dedicates and mentions Bruce Springsteen. Take a look at every mention of Bruce Springsteen my co-writers have put on the site: Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, and Here. You could almost conclude that this […]

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7 Well Respected Things I Have No Desire For

This whole post may undermine my standing as a person with worthy opinions of anything, but there are certain acclaimed films/albums/TV programs that, no matter how much great press or word of mouth they get, I do not care about them for whatever reason. I’m checking my slight cover of internet anonymity at the door […]

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Seven Rock Musicians Who Scored Movies

A movie‚Äôs music score is one of its most invaluable elements. Music can convey tone and mood, give a sense of place and punctuate a scene. While there are some really great composers who work solely in films (and deserve a list of their own), sometimes a great score is written when directors reach out […]

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