The four founding members of List Off wanted to keep in touch after surviving the Professional Writing Program of Kutztown University. We all landed jobs writing 200 word pieces concerning music and pop culture. Unfortunately, we all had some ideas in our heads that wouldn’t see the light of day at these publications. The more we produced for our employers, the more ideas we had to shelve away for possible later use.

List Off was born in the necessity to keep the listable junk out of our heads to make way for our even scarier personal projects.

Logo Design
We would like to thank Chelsea Crist for offering us her considerable design talents and creating the List Off 2.0 logo design. Chlesea spent her undergraduate days achieving a BFA in Communication Design (2010) at Kutztown University. She went on to attend the Graduate Program for Scientific Illustration at California State University at Monterey Bay in 2011. Chelsea completed an art internship at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History as part of the program.

Check out her graphic design, illustration and digital work HERE.

The Founders

Jim Adair
Hello all. My name is Jim and I am from Philadelphia. I like zombie movies, sandwiches, and indie-rock. I am so far not living the dream I had growing up, since I am not playing Centerfield for the Philadelphia Phillies. Most of my lists will be about music and film. I am often bearded. I wish I had Morrissey’s haircut. I had a college radio show with Mike Pop and classes with Dan and Shawn. We’re now good friends. We’re also our own toughest critics. Hopefully you will find this entertaining, and if not, well, that’s cool too.

Shawn Gamez

I studied Professional Writing with a focus on Magazine Writing at Kutztown University. I went on to work in NYC as a Music & Culture editor. Afterward, I took my contacts and experience and started freelancing and contributing to various print and web sources. I’m not a fan of Morrissey and I wish to not have sex with Bruce Springsteen which sets me thoroughly apart from the others. Also, there are too many dicks on this dance floor.

Mike Pop
I’m Mike Pop (or Pops), and the fourth member of this music blog. I split my time between northern New Jersey and New York City, and like the others, I was a Professional Writing major at Kutztown University. In college, I was an active member of the campus radio station, 88.3 FM KUR. I hosted several rock shows throughout my tenure, but the most enjoyable was Never Mind the Mainstream with fellow List Off-er, Jim Adair. We took our show seriously; played the best alternative music we could find, had interesting guests, got nominated for awards, and enjoyed high ratings. It was the highlight of my college career. After graduation, I started working at the recently purchased New York’s Rock 101.9 FM WRXP, as a board operator/producer and promotions assistant. I’m a rock writer, beer drinker, long distance runner, and a proud American. Enjoy our lists, everyone!

Dan Connolly
I have a tendency to wear my mind on my sleeve. Wait. Sorry, those were Bare Naked Ladies lyrics—not a personality trait. I graduated from the oh-so-lovely Kutztown University in 2010 with a degree in Professional Writing, and am currently an intern at TheCelebrityCafe.com. I reside in northern New Jersey, where there are far too many people and not enough frisbee golf courses. I’m a devoted, not-yet-bag-over-my-head New York Mets fan and Scrabble enthusiast. I’d like to think some of the best conversation you can have with a person is the in-depth discussion about the most trivial topics in pop culture. My goal is to translate that dialogue here. Enjoy.

The Writers

Colin Holmes
I love movies. I love watching them and I love writing about them. My taste ranges from Jean Luc Goddard to Jean Claude Van Damme and everything in between as long as it isn’t mediocre. I’ll take a crazy failure of a movie over a middle of the road one any day. I’m currently in my last semester at Kutztown University double majoring in General Psychology and Professional Writing with a Concentration in Culture and Media, and I’ve interned with Red Giant Media, a movie production company based out of New York City, as a Script Reader.

My five favorite films are probably Boogie Nights, Once Upon a Time in the West, Casablanca, John Carpenter’s The Thing, and Miller’s Crossing. I also have some pretty strong opinions about music that most people don’t agree with, but I don’t care.

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  1. 10.1.11 at 3:39 PM #

    Very cool site, fella’s!

  2. 11.7.11 at 1:45 PM #

    Site is awesome guys!


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