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Art Head

The Art of the Head

The top of the head is the home of the Crown Chakra in Eastern religions. This chakra as a tool or gateway that lets us communicate with our spiritual nature and the spiritual realms. It is through this vortice that the life force is dispersed from the universe into the other chakras. It has been […]

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Monsters in Photography

The Art of Monsters (In Real Life)

I saw monsters when I was a kid. I hope everyone else did. At some point in my life, the part of my brain that let me physically interact with my imagination ran away. It might have burrowed deep somewhere to escape the structured realities that I had to live by to be a successful […]

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Carly Menasco

The Art of Blood

Where there’s blood, there’s a story. Unfortunately, in modern times these stories tend to involve vampires. That’s a shame considering the amount of raw and bloody art that goes unappreciated. When I say appreciated, I don’t mean jacked off to by people with blood fetishes. I mean the art hasn’t been obliged by a thought […]

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Shawn’s Best of 2011

The other guys have theĀ  music and film covered for the year 2011. Dan had an interesting idea of listing the best song for each month of 2011. James had a crazy extensive list for the music of 2011 and Colin gave you the best films of 2011 which listed Drive, my favorite film of […]

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GREATEST HITS: The Art & Death of the Astronaut

Note: This continues to be one of my favorite posts. I’ve easily found another dozen pieces of work depicting astronauts, mostly in some form of death or decay. It’s hard to track down dates of creation for most of these works. I cannot tell you whether or not the official death of the space program […]

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