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7 Notable Things About I Melt With You

We all talk about how we haven’t seen a good movie in awhile. Nothing is satisfying anymore. It has all been done. Cinema is dead. And then like a kick to the ass, you see one that reminds you; there is still hope for the art. They just nail it, all of it. A movie […]

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Dream Girls In Song

There are many girls of stage, screen, and….uh….stage who I am in love with Rose Byrne, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Annie Clark, and the main one to the right usually fall into the top 4. However, every once in a while, girls in songs seem like they have everything to offer, fictional or not. Whether it […]

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7 Movies I Am Afraid To Watch Again, In Case They Suck Now

Upon a recent re-viewing of Vanilla Sky, I realized the film that I loved a few years ago is definitely flawed–if not terrible. I had been warned of this in advance, but refused to believe it. I’m not sure if it’s because I thought my film taste at 16 was impeccable or that I just […]

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