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Come On Irene: 7 Songs For The Coming Hurricane

All of us over here on the east coast of the good ol’ US of A are bracing for impact from what is being called the biggest storm we’ve seen in the last 50 years: Hurricane Irene. List Off-er Dan Connolly is in the safety zone out in Pittsburgh now, which leaves the other 3 […]

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Fuck You And Fuck This Town: 7 Songs of Spite

It seems that love songs are always the most popular ones. They are full of honesty, emotion, and sincerity, but all of that stuff is lame. One could argue (and I will if you try me) that songs full of anger and hate, when done well, contain so much more feeling and emotion than even […]

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Indie Like The Wolf

Musicians (especially indie-musicians) seem to be obsessed with wildlife. Whether it be horses (Band of Horses) bears (Grizzly Bear, Panda Bear) or any other land animal (for some reason, fish seem off-limits), indie bands love going to them for inspiration. A trend I have noticed though, is some really great songs mention wolves. Now, maybe […]

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