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Shawn’s Best of 2011

The other guys have theĀ  music and film covered for the year 2011. Dan had an interesting idea of listing the best song for each month of 2011. James had a crazy extensive list for the music of 2011 and Colin gave you the best films of 2011 which listed Drive, my favorite film of […]

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Illustrators That Should Do Book Covers

I was once told that I had a book growing inside of me. This sounded like a relatively painful ordeal. As it should be. Books are not meant for spontaneous eruptions as redwoods. As titans of reverence. It takes years of chaotic growth with multiple heart roots trying to creep through the surface with tangled […]

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Illustrators That Should Do Children’s Books

With the advent of the “Go The Fuck To Sleep” children’s book (listen to Samuel L. Jackson read it here), a new niche has opened up for NSFC (Not Safe For Church) kids books. Keep in mind, regardless of the age of the illustrator, their rabid imaginations stem from their childhoods in different shaped trees. […]

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